Vibration and Alignment ~ How to Attract What You Want

Vibration and Alignment ~ How to Attract What You Want

Our vibration is key to what we attract and bring into our experience.  Today I want to chat a bit and do a little tapping on how the heck we can stay in vibrational alignment with what it is we are wanting to attract into our life.


We know that we attract that which is a match to our vibration right? For those of you new to this concept, our vibration is really how we are feeling in any given moment. Happiness, love, and gratitude are really high vibrations ~ Sadness, anger and discouragement are lower vibrations. All vibrations will attract more people, things or scenarios that offers support and moves the current vibration forward. Hold a certain vibration long enough and momentum picks up giving you more and more reasons to continue feeling the way you do.   Given this awareness, how then do we stay in alignment with a vibration that matches what it is we are wanting, when everything seems to be going cattywampus!


Let’s chat a bit about what vibration usually happens


Let’s say you want a new home. Your looking for a new house and you have an idea of what that home looks like. You find it and you’re filled with excitement. Then something happens, someone comes in with a higher bid and scoops it out from under you. You feel the disappointment set it but you go out and continue the search until you find another one that fits the bill. Excitement rises again and then, this one falls through or there is a glitch in the sale of it making it a challenge for you to get in. Now, your disappointment deepens and you feel a bit discouraged and frustrated as well. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell that this is not the vibration conducive to attracting what you are wanting.


These emotions are a natural part of being human. So don’t beat yourself up over it. Fortunately we have a tool I happen love to use called tapping, to bring us back into vibrational alignment with what we wanting.


So Let’s Do a Little Tapping Together


Side of the hand:


Even though I am really disappointed right now

I completely love and accept myself anyway


Even though I really feel upset and worried that it wont work out

I honor how I feel and who I am


Even though I am discouraged and feel frustrated with how things are going

I accept how I feel and who I am



Lets go to the eyebrow point:


EB:  All this frustration

SE:  It’s so hard to stay happy when things go crazy like this

UE:  I really wanted it to happen now and it isn’t happening

UN:  It’s tough to feel excited anticipation when I feel so discouraged

CP:  All this disappointment

CB:  I wonder if it’s possible to let it go

UA:  and trust in the process

WW:  Trust that all is well and will work out perfectly for me

TH:  Just like I’ve asked for……I’m open to trusting


EB:  Letting go of the frustration, disappointment and discouragement

SE:  It’s safe to trust… stay in excited anticipation

UE:  Everything will work out for me

UN:  My idea of what I want or something even better

CP:  Trusting that if what I want falls through

CB:  Something better is in store for me

UA:  How exciting to know this and feel at peace in my creation process

WW:  Letting go of disappointment and replacing it with excited anticipation

TH:  As I move into vibrational alignment with what I am wanting


Awesome job!

Tap on how you feel and consciously choose to shift into trust and excited anticipation for what you are wanting. You’ll be amazed at how powerful this process is!


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