Transformation Testimonials ~ Energy Healing

I am sincerely humbled by what is written below and I remain in constant awe of the power of energy healing, as it is shared in my client testimonies.


Transformation Begins Within!

“When I think about my life before going through your Tapping Into Wealth program it feels fine; I had enough money, very positive feelings about money, “Money DOES Grow On Trees” was my foundational belief. Now however, when I think of the shifts that have happened, the emotional releases that have occurred because of our working together – my life is AMAZING! So much better than the ‘fine’ before!! During our time together, I experienced so many breakthroughs and aha’s – surrounding my beliefs about money and interestingly the family values or beliefs stands out to me – the fact that subconsciously I link my value or worth to my family, wanting to be connected, allowed to stay in the ‘tribe’ by subconsciously limiting my potential because of their feelings or rather my view of their feelings. So if I believe that my mother would feel shame, if I made more money then she did or wanted to, then of course, i don’t want my mother to feel shame so I cannot allow myself to make more money. Shortly after beginning the program with Judy – I had the best month in my business – EVER! I was able to increase my income from $4500.00/mo to $10,000.00/mo. By releasing my emotional triggers of limiting my income and sabotaging myself, I was able to open the space and allowed money to flow to me!! And it continues to flow – just this week I received a promotion at work that will allow me the opportunity to increase my income threefold!! I am amazed at the changes in my life, my emotions, and my physical state – THANK YOU JUDY and EFT!!!”

Georgianne Pillsbury     Target Success/Financial Advisor


“Judy is the epitome of professionalism and an expert in her field. I feel like I was trained by the best. Not only is she an expert Life Coach, but a Coach’s Coach. She has a powerful presence with a sweet, understanding delivery. I came to Judy with a lot of life experience but not a lot of organization for implementing my own coaching strategies. She encouraged and guided me onto a clear path. The 12-week Tapping Into Wealth program helped me to discover why I had held myself back from more abundance. Now I am able to share my personal discoveries with others, too, in my own unique way.”

Kristen Mattern     Inner Transformation Coach


“When I first met Judy Lynne, I had so much fear around making and keeping money. Judy Lynne helped me to release the fears and blocks around money by asking questions and using her amazing intuition to release the fear. Since working with Judy Lynne, I have doubled my income. I have been using EFT for years but have never had the results I have had while working with her. She truly has an extraordinary gift.”

S. Solomon     Real Estate Investor


“When I finally took action in starting my own business, I knew I had to resolve my unconscious blocks in creating a successful business, otherwise I would be in the same place next year. I found Judy and thanks to her I was able to discover and release some big abundance blocks that clearly have been hindering me for most of my life. If you are not where you want to be, then you know you have blocks to resolve and Judy is the perfect coach to help you do that. During her 12-week program, I released more and more of the old beliefs holding me back, and felt so much better and more confident. I diligently did the “homework” she gave me and it paid off. On our last call, I told her that even though I feel so much better and have already begun to experience much more abundance, I would like to experience some unusual (unexpected) financial gain that would support the whole theory. Guess what, the next day I won a small prize in a lottery, no kidding. Needless to say, I am now well on my way to living my dreams. And with all the tools she provided, I can tackle any block that gets in my way. Thanks Judy for being my wonderful coach. Love,”

Stephen R. CEO Jolly/Inventor


“I honestly don´t know where to start!! I believe so much now in the law of attraction and in the power of EFT as Judy came into my life exactly when I needed her most. As a newly trained coach I had acquired many skills on the practice of coaching but nothing on how to get my message out there into the world. I was actually paralyzed with the thought of stepping out of my comfort zone but I stand here today as living proof that everything is possible if you have the right person to guide you. Judy has been my angel from day one, so Real, so Compassionate and so very Patient and I have an entirely different level of confidence than I did just a few months back. I am forever grateful to her for guiding me through that fearful, dark place to where I am today. I am a changed person and feel super empowered and am so thankful that she had the gift to see something in me that I couldn´t see in myself. For me, Judy is my angel here on earth, who has worked tirelessly to keep me on track when I needed it most. I highly recommend her, as she is a top professional in her field; she is a rare gem.”

Therese Christoffersen   AgelessLiving


“I don’t know how Judy did it. I think I must be one of the hardest people to work with. When I first signed up for her “tapping into wealth” program, she told me that the hardest cases are those people with “toxic money.” Well, it turns out that that’s what I had. And yes, I was very very hard to work with. My heart overflows with love when I remember all the sessions that I could barely complete. Judy was so greatly patient with me, it was a humbling experience. I did not like the feeling of being such a difficult case, but I really appreciated her giving me the time, attention, and skill to move through my toxic money issues. If Judy could work with me, she can work with ANYBODY! During the program, I got rid of about 30% of my debt, increased my income by at least 20% and had major healing on too many levels to count. I also find that I’m so much stronger in my confidence, self-respect and boundaries. I know it’s a continually evolving process, but just what I have gotten so far made me feel so much more empowered, and now I have tools to use on my own. Judy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I sincerely hope that many many people choose to work with you, because they will be abundantly blessed.”

Amy, CA


“I continually feel lighter, happier, and old past stuff feels like it is falling off my like an over size totally outdated sweater. And who wants to wear that? My beliefs are changing and it feels so empowering and freeing! I just feel so grateful to have you in my life. And I would love to work with you again soon. Since I’ve worked with you, my relationship with my man has gotten smoother, I’ve finished my website and gotten my business facebook page up!!! You helped me get there!”

Amanda NeillBirth of Venus Coaching


“Had one of the most incredible break throughs yet….and it was all in a matter of 40 minutes. Judy has this innate ability to get to the core of the matter as she helps me TAP away those old bonds that make life absolutely miserable…or at least my belief that holds the energy of being miserable. Thank you Judy for your brilliance…..and now I know and continue to let go. It still seems a bit surreal how quickly it can all BE….and the very essence leaves me with a smile in my heart.”

Gail Vilcu Vilchey Healing Spa


“Judy is a true healer. Through her kindness, insight and expertise in energy and tapping she has help me raise my energy and connect with my self-awareness. I have been able to clearly see what some of my blocks have been and unblock them to move forward to my next level of success. Thank you so much Judy.”

Wendy Edmond  Independent Associate Small Business & Group Specialist



“Judy has been such an incredible blessing in my life. I could sense her deep care and concern for her clients the first time we spoke. She put me at ease instantly and I felt comfortable trying EFT for the first time. Judy is a gifted practitioner with an intuitive ability to gently guide you straight to core issues that need healing. Her peaceful loving presence is very nurturing and creates a safe space for healing. I have tried other holistic and allopathic healing methods and nothing comes close to the amazing results I’ve experienced with Judy in just four sessions! I have had chronic pain for 4 years and only experienced marginal improvement before EFT. My pain is almost completely gone now that Judy and I have been working on releasing my limiting beliefs. I was so impressed that my husband has scheduled sessions with Judy to address his back and neck pain that have persisted for years. Judy’s EFT work touches mind, body and soul. I trust her implicitly with my body’s healing and cannot recommend her more highly.”

Heather L.    Nursing Student



“Wow, is the first word that comes to mind when I think of my experience with Judy’s EFT Session. The experience was unusual and although my “inner skeptic” kept appearing, it didn’t matter because the work that was occurring during the session was beyond my conscious mind. Judy was able to pull out deep insights to inner struggles I wasn’t aware was affecting my healing and resolution of deep-rooted issues. By the end of the 1st session, my mind body and spirit felt free! I would highly recommend EFT sessions with Judy, to help you on your transformative healing journey!”

Suzie Sandoval   Personal Organizing Coach and Founder of OrganiZEN


“I highly recommend Judy as an EFT practitioner. After my session with her, not only did the issue we were working on cease to have the same impact on my mental well-being, but I have also been able to successfully apply the techniques when other issues have come up as well. Judy’s compassionate and straightforward style allowed me to pick up EFT tapping skills with ease and anyone interested in EFT will be in good hands with her”.

Catherine Leavitt  CEO



“I am writing this letter to let people know how much Judy’s EFT training helped me. I am a more conservative type of person and I thought EFT was a joke when I first heard of it. I hunt, fish and think people who sit in trees trying to save them are wasting all of our times. I was having problems passing my national test for my paramedic certification. I did one training with Judy and took my test a few days later and passed my test with flying colors. It helped me gain self confidence and when I have down moments in my life I go back to the training I did and pick myself back up. I would highly recommend this training with Judy to anyone”. Firefighter/Paramedic


“WOW!!! I can not believe the amazing shift in my behaviors in the kitchen & smoking that have happened since meeting with you. I feel like I am FREE!!! Thank you so much for meeting with me on Monday. I feel like I have been given a new life. I know that this is a God thing, but I thank you so much for being His hands & feet on this earth. With much appreciation!”

Shannon L.