EFT (Tapping) with Judy Lynne ~ Interviews & Articles

‘Interviews and Articles with Judy Lynne from                                   around the world’

I Love Yoga & Fitness Group Coaching Interview on EFT & Body Image

An emotional release technique that will assist you in letting go of the belief that you have to work really hard and starve yourself to attain a body you love.





Birth of Venus Coaching Interview on EFT & Relationships

When we close down pieces of ourselves – we keep others from loving us. We turn into a shell of who we really are. It’s time to undress out of your fears.  What lies beneath is so beautiful!




                                          Amanda Nazzal interviews Judy                                                How to Live a Vibrant Life of Purpose and Wealth




Interview on How ‘Tapping’ and the Mind/Body Connection Creates a Healthy Body Image

with Samantha Fox Olsen ~  Kauai Yoga & Fitness Expert