Anger ~ How to Move Through it Quickly with Tapping (EFT)

Anger ~ How to Move Through it Quickly with Tapping (EFT)

Anger!  It hits you like a lead balloon, smack in the face when you least expect it. You’re rolling along fine, feeling great and then, wham! You observe something or someone tells you something that really pisses you off.


I had the experience myself just the other day. Someone I love very much called and shared some experiences they are having and these experiences are resulting in this person being hurt deeply. I felt the rage swell up in me toward the people that were implementing all this pain on my loved one.

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Now, understanding anger is to understand that it stems from a sense of unfairness taking place. And I totally felt that in the shared story, there was extreme unfairness being played out. Whether my perception of it being fair or not is THE truth, really isn’t important, the important part is that it was MY truth.   And as such, anger arose in me.


What normally happens with a scenario like this one is we tend to hold on to the anger. The reason for this is we feel validated in it. The person, people or situation we are angry at deserves our wrath, right? We don’t want to let it go because we feel that it in some way releases the ‘culprits’ from responsibility. If I let go of this anger, I’m letting them off the hook.


Truth be….it does no such thing. For instance, in my case, these folks don’t even know I’m angry at them! It’s just eating me alive…….I’m dying of the poison, not them. So what can we do.


First of all, and this is important, you need to allow yourself to feel it and honor it! Don’t try to shove it away, suppress it or cover it up. Honor it, those feelings are real and they are yours. Don’t judge it right or wrong. Just honor how you feel.


Secondly, make a choice to not perpetuate the issue further with anger. Realizing it doesn’t change anything and only hurts you. The best choices, responses and decisions are made from a peaceful and clear mind, not an angry one.


Third, use Tapping to quickly shift the anger. Not for the sake of any ones but your own. You still don’t have to condone or agree with the offending party(s), but you can shift your energy away from them. Don’t give your power away by wasting all that angry energy on them.


So let’s do a little tapping so you can see what tapping to shift out of an angry energy might look like:


Ready? Let’s begin with the side of the hand


Side of the Hand:


Even though I’m really angry at this whole situation,

I completely honor how I feel and who I am


Even though I feel this anger in every cell of my body,

I accept how I feel and love myself anyway


Even though this anger is consuming me right now and I really don’t want to let it go

I love who I am and how I feel


EB:  All this anger in me


SE:  I feel it big time


UE:  I’m so angry about this


UN:  It feels totally consuming


CP:  I’m not sure I can let it go


CB:  They deserve my anger


UA:  If I let it go, I let them off the hook


WW:  I don’t want to let them off the hook


TH:  It’s so unfair



EB:  this consuming anger


SE:  I wonder if it’s possible to let it go


UE:  I’m open to the possibility that I can let this anger go 


UN:  I have a choice to be angry or not


CP:  And this anger doesn’t hurt them…….it only hurts me


CB:  I choose to let it go, it won’t change them anyway


UA:  It’s safe to let this anger go and replace it with peace


WW:  Peace of mind and heart


TH:  Letting it be and letting the anger go


Great job! Tap as may rounds as you need until you feel lighter, and can no longer connect with the anger any longer. Just in making a choice to not waste any of your time or energy on it, you’ll feel better. And, after all……when you take care of you first and give yourself some of the good stuff, you have a whole lot more of the good stuff to give back to your loved ones.


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  1. Beverly
    Jul 6, 2016

    Thanks so much ! I look forward to much transformation and forward movement with EFT! all blessings, Beverly …

    • Judy Lynne
      Jul 15, 2016

      You’re so welcome Beverly! Keep me posted on your progress and keep Tapping 🙂

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