Fear of Disease or Illness ~ How EFT Tapping Can Help

Fear of Disease or Illness ~ How EFT Tapping Can Help


Fear of disease or illness can be gripping and cripple our ability to experience the joy that life truly has to offer us.


I recently received a very interesting request for a video. I’ve done quite a few tapping videos on the fear of one thing or another, but this particular one touched my heart and I’ll tell you why.


It’s the fear, or as this lovely woman worded it, the DREAD of either herself or a member of her family getting sick in any way, shape or form. Boy, do I remember feeling that way when my children were young!   I was consumed with thoughts of doom and gloom and worried over every little thing, trying to protect them and myself (because of course if I caught something I could give it to them) or worse yet, some unknown disease would befall us all. That was no way to live. It took conscious effort on my part to lift myself out of that habitual thought pattern.



We know that when we continually focus on something it grows in magnitude.  Think about it.  The more we give our attention to ‘thought’s of doom and gloom the larger it looms over us, and traps us as more and more fear based thoughts gain momentum. The threat FEELS incredibly real….and it IS ….as long as we continue the focus. How then do we stop this craziness? Because the truth of it is, it’s just a projected ‘thought’ creating the worry, the dread, the fear.


You guessed it …Tapping. We are going to do some Tapping to change our need to worry about all of this. Sometimes, a part of us feels like we NEED to worry, otherwise we won’t be on our guard and if we ignore this thing (in this case, the feared illness), it will jump up and get us!  So, we’ll Tap to change our need to worry about it, the belief that it will happen and to change our focus to what it is we want rather than on what we don’t want. In this case, turn our focus from worrying about illness to focusing on health and well-being.  When your focus changes ~everything changes.


Are you ready to Tap away the Fear?

You can either Tap with the script below or click on the Video in this blog and tap along with me.


Side of the Hand:


Even though I live in constant fear and dread of some sickness or disease happening to my family or me

I accept who I am and love myself anyway


Even though I live with this fear and I can’t seem to stop thinking and worrying about it

I honor who I am and accept my self completely


Even though this fear of sickness or disease feels real

I accept and honor myself anyway


EB:  This fear of illness and the dread of it happening to one of us


SE:   All this worry that my family or I might get sick…….I feel so helpless


UE:  This constant dread and worry drives me crazy


UN:  This fear in me…I’m consumed by it


CP:   All this dread of some sickness befalling my family or me


CB:   I’m so afraid of it happening that I can’t relax


UA:   This constant worry


WW:  Part of me feels a real need to be on my guard at all times


TH:    It’s exhausting


(You would continue tapping more rounds through the points until you feel lighter and the possibility of it happening feels less real. Then, move on to a round or two of positive tapping, to rewire the habitual thought patterns.)


EB:  I wonder if it’s possible to change how I feel about all of this


SE:   It doesn’t feel very possible


UE:  But I’m open to the possibility of changing my focus to a different projected scenario


UN:  One of holding my family members and myself in perfect health, form and happiness


CP:   It’s just as easy to foresee that possibility and it looks and feels so much better


CB:   Health and happiness is all around me, I just couldn’t see it through the fear


UA:  I commit to seeing my family at peace and in perfect health, as I change my focus more and more every day


WW: Finding peace within myself and enjoying the well-being that is mine


TH:  Living in the now and enjoying the love all around me


In the first part of your tapping, you’ll want to tap on all that you are feeling.  Be completely honest with yourself.  Honor those rotten fears and/or beliefs. Only after you feel lighter about it, (sometimes you may feel as if you really can’t connect to that original fear any longer), do you move on to the positive round or rounds of tapping.  You can’t get it wrong, so go for it.


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I look forward to serving you and I’ll see you on the flip side!

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  1. sarah Jaya
    Oct 19, 2016

    It’s excellent, thanks so much for sharing Judy!

    • Judy Lynne
      Oct 22, 2016

      You’re welcome Sarah…please keep me posted. Sending you much Love!

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