EFT ‘Tap Along’ Videos

 Enjoy Your EFT ‘Tap Along’  Videos

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an amazing energy modality that combines modern psychology with some of the principles and practices of ancient Chinese acupuncture. We use our fingertips to ‘tap’ on significant meridian points, while we focus on an issue of concern. The Videos in this EFT Workshop addresses Emotional Conflicts causing FEAR ~ PAIN ~ ADDICTIONS ~ PHOBIAS ~ INSECURITIES ~ FEELING OF LACK, or virtually any negative emotion that has set up residence in our conscious or sub-conscious, causing a disruption in our energy system.  Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful tool and has the ability to change your life!

 These EFT ‘Tap Along’ Video’s are designed to give you a taste of what EFT can do for you.  Experience how quickly you ‘Shift’ out of the intensity of a negative feeling or discover a limiting belief that’s kept you stuck.  EFT is an effective way to quickly bring joy back into your life!

See More Tapping Videos by visiting The Harmonic Living Now YouTube Channel. Tune in and Tap Out!

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