EFT Books & Audio

These EFT Books & Audio’s are MUST HAVE’S for both beginners and experts

EFT Master, Carol Look expertly guides you through clearing blocks to your abundance issues with her EFT Audio’s & Books. Relationships, Health, Prosperity, Happiness and so much more! This book is packed full of scripts for just about any block you may have. Add to your Abundance now with ‘Attracting Abundance with EFT’.

Attracting Abundance with EFT


Tapping Solution book








Christie Marie Sheldon is a world renown Energy Healer who takes you to  an inner experience that results in dramatic outer results!



The Law of Attraction - In Action The Law of Attraction – In Action

Put the Law of Attraction in Action! Learn how to activate the Law of Attraction in your life and start to experience more happiness, health, wealth and love than you could ever imagine. This one-hour program will teach you 6 ways to activate the Law of Attraction, as well as 4 ways to speed up the results in your life.



Carol Tuttle is will lead you through powerful Chakra Healing. Grab a seat and feel the love!