Creativity Verses The Lull of the Mind ~ Tap into Your Creativity

Creativity Verses The Lull of the Mind ~ Tap into Your Creativity


Is our Creativity being drowned out by our current creations?  We are going to do some (EFT) Tapping to open up the creativity channels.  Yes, believe it or not you do have creativity within you.  We all do.


Have you noticed  just how many people walking around with their noses stuck in there phones? Not only are they not watching where they are going or who and what’s happening around them, but their minds are in constant ‘on the go’ distraction mode.  Maybe it’s a conversation they’re having, a game they’re playing or checking and rechecking emails as they walk along, what they are NOT doing is allowing their minds to relax, unplug and create.  There is a lull of the mind going on through the distraction of devices and trust me, I’ve fallen into that place myself a few times myself.  It’s good to take a break sometimes and lull out, but what I see happening in our world today, is it has become ‘a way of life’ and the trouble with that is, it posses the danger of halting the philosophical mind and our creative juices.



I read an article the other day written by a brilliant writer on the Resurrection of the Philosophical Mind.  It struck me that without allowing time for imagination or wonderment, our creativity is stifled. He speaks of our “engagement in thoughtless entertainment or fruitless fixation on modern medias” and adds, “ This is all not only a reflection of the general devaluing of thought and higher faculty, but of the general addiction to our very creations”.  That got me thinking how this continued behavior would slowly sever our connection to our innate ability to think, philosophize, imagine and thereby create.  Food for thought yes?


Let’s do some Tapping to unplug from our daily rush and temptation to constantly ‘Lull Out’ through our modern distractions, and open up the creative flow within us.  Ready?


Side of the hand:


Even though I’ve been running gung-ho and seldom take time off

I accept who I am and how I feel


Even though it’s easy for me to forget to unplug sometimes

There is so much that needs to be done

I honor how I feel and accept who I am


Even though my life feels overwhelmingly busy at times

And I don’t feel as if I have much choice

I love and accept myself anyway


EB:  I’m always so busy

SE:  There’s not a lot of time to unplug

UE:  zoning out on my device is seductive for sure

UN:  Takes my mind off of everything

CP:  I feel like I need it

         I’m not sure how else to relax

CB:  I’m open to the possibility of relaxing my mind through observation

UA:  off all that is around me

WW:  Open to allowing myself to wonder and imagine

TH:  I haven’t given myself much time for that at all


EB:  it might be sort of fun

SE:  I might even discover important things about myself

UE:  Discover how creative I really am

UN:  I’m open and willing to daydream a bit too

CP:  That actually sounds relaxing

CB:  I commit to giving myself this important time off

UA:  just for me……totally unplugged

WW:  I’m looking forward to new discoveries

TH:  As I give myself this gift of creative thought


We get into habits, and that’s all it is when we are absorbed in our current creations such as our devices.  So use this tapping script or something like it to help yourself commit and create a new habit of unplugging for a bit and letting the creative juices flow freely.


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Questions?  Comments?  I Love them…..leave them below and remember:

Life really is what you make it ~ so go out there and make it your own!


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